Eating in Buenos Aires

10 Argentine restaurants among the best in Latin America.

As every year, The World´s Best chose the 50 places to eat in the region. This time, ten Argentine
options appeared on the list, all in Buenos Aires.

# 6 Don Julio (Guatemala 4699, Palermo): a classic grill that over the years and the change of
generation of its owners managed to captivate foreigners and locals. (

# 11 Tegui (Costa Rica 5852, Palermo): from the chef Germán Martitegui, the front of the place
goes unnoticed and inside there is a large room with an 8-step proposal. (

# 18 Mishiguene (Lafinur 3368, Barrio Norte): chef Tomas Kalika’s iconic Jewish food restaurant, to eat like at home. (

# 19 Chila (Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, Puerto Madero): menu by steps from excellent
regional ingredients. (

# 32 Elena (Posadas 1086/88, Retiro): inside the Four Seasons Hotel, a very well decorated space
where you can eat meats, fiambres and Argentine products. They have a very good brunch. (elena web)

# 36 El Baqueano (Chile 499, San Telmo): a dark room where the dishes ligth up, served by steps,
whit “unusual” meats such as yacaré, llama, ñandú, etc. (

# 38 Gran Dabbang (Raúl Scalabrini Ortiz 1543, Palermo): mix of Indian and English cuisine, all are
exquisite, simple, some spicy, ideal dishes to order all the menu and share.

# 42 Aramburu (Salta 1050, Constitution): contemporary molecular type proposal by steps, which
includes an infinity of sensations and flavors. (

# 44 Proper (Aráoz 1676, Palermo): old mechanical workshop, where the star is the wood oven, all
the ingredients are from local producers and it is a pleasure to ask to share. (

# 46 Narda Comedor (Sucre 664, Bajo Belgrano): selected dishes that are changing, abundant and
original, to share and try everything. (

And we also recommend it because we like to eat in: Tanta, Chan-Chan, Green Bamboo, Tancat,
Cachito Premium, Cuccina Paradiso, Buller, Naples, Chori, Café San Juan, Nueva Casa Japonesa,
Hong Kong Style, Paraje Arévalo, Guido’s.a carta y



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