Wide beaches and blue sea to make windsurf, kayak or snorkeling with sea lions.

Wide beaches and blue sea to make windsurf, kayak or snorkeling with sea lions.
Despite the summer heat, a cool breeze blows in Madryn, in the province of Chubut, a destination known worldwide for the whale watching between May and November, but it has other options the rest of the year. The summer weather allows you to rest on the extensive beaches, ride your bike along the promenade, swim, taste the best of the sea cuisine, but also spot the fauna that remains in summer, and visit the magnificent Ecocentro at sunset (www.ecocentro. org.ar) and the Oceanographic Museum to know in depth the characteristics of the area and its animals.

From the pier in the center of the city to the Monumento al Indio, there are uninterrupted miles of beach to walk, run, stretch the pareo and spend the day in front of the calm waters of the Golfo Nuevo. In the paradores, in addition to tasting the delicacies that come from the sea, there are windsurfing lessons (AR $ 800 class approx. / US $ 22), kite, kayak rides (AR $ 450 the hour aprox./ US$12), board rental and stand up paddle and yoga classes, baptisms of diving and snorkelling with sea lions in Punta Loma, an experience that lasts 2 hours, includes the necessary equipment and has a price of AR $ 3500 aprox. per person (US $ 95). You can also sail on the Regina Australe cruise, which has a restaurant and a deck to enjoy the best views.

For some time now, the city has been betting heavily on gastronomy, with festivals such as Madryn al Plato, one of the oldest in Patagonia, and international options for eating indoors under the tutelage of excellent chefs. What to try? Lamb, wakame seaweed, salicornias, salt crystals, prawns, knives and squid.

The Peninsula de Valdés Nature Reserve is 56 km away. Although in the summer there are no southern right whales, you can still see birds, dolphins, toninas and sea lions. In Punta Tombo, until April the penguins of Magellan remain, one of the largest colonies in the world, and there is also abundant fauna in the Estancia San Lorenzo and the Reserve El Pedral, in Punta Ninfas. Between September and April, in the Punta Norte Reserve, killer whales appear and with a bit of luck, while avoiding photographers from around the world who come to portray them, you can see how they intentionally strands on the beach to feed themselves.

How to get?

The only airline that flies directly to the Madryn airport is Andes Líneas Aéreas. Aerolíneas Argentinas flies to the neighboring city of Trelew, from Buenos Aires and from Córdoba direct.

Where to sleep?

A great option is to stay in estancias near Puerto Madryn, such as El Pedral (www.reservaelpedral.com), San Lorenzo (www.pinguinospuntanorte.com.ar) and San Guillermo (www.san-guillermo.com). You can also go to spend a countryside day.

More info: Madryn.travel

Fotos & videos: Madryn Travel y Reserva El Pedral



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