The most beautiful bookstore in the world

Ateneo Gran Splendid, in the heart of Barrio Norte. According to an article by National Geographic, it is essential to visit it.

It worked as a theater, then as a cinema, and in 2000 the books arrived. Located in Santa Fe and Callao, in the middle of Barrio Norte, it is a must-visit place for travelers, where hundreds of books are presented per year and where you can also enjoy a coffee at the bar at the back, about what before It was the stage.
An article written by Brian Clark Howard for the magazine National Geographic affirms that it is the most beautiful bookstore in the world for its architecture, for the lighting, for the environment and the magnificent ceiling frescoes painted by Nazareno Orlandi in 1919, year in which it was inaugurated the building, and they represent a celebration of peace, after the World War I.
The bookstore was the headquarters of Radio Splendid and the record company El Nacional Odeón from 1926. Except for the period 1964-1973, it became one of the most important cinemas in the city. Full of stories and mysticism, it managed to withstand several crises but could not compete with the big entertainment chains and closed in 2000, with an uncertain future. But only a few months later Yenny-El Ateneo decided to install there the largest bookstore in Latin America: 2000 square meters. To transform the old theater (and cinema) it was necessary to level the ground and restore the dome. The numerous boxes were used to install reading rooms with armchairs and tables. The modern aggregate was two escalators to the subsoil, where is the children´s and electronics sector.
Walking slowly, among the shelves, sitting in the chairs to read and take a submarine in the cafeteria are part of a must-see and absolutely pleasant, ideal for a rainy day in the city.

More info: Av. Santa Fe 1860, CABA. Telephones: (011) 4813-6052 / 4811-6104. Hours: Monday to
Thursday from 9 a.m. to 22 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 24 a.m., Sunday from 12 a.m.
to 22 p.m.




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