Astro-Tourism in San Juan

San Juan is one of the five top destinations in the world for stargazing.

The ideal place to see shooting stars and the Milky Way is in El Leoncito Astronomy Complex in Barreal.

Astro-tourism is a growing trend in which travelers go far away from cities to relax and observe the cosmos. According to data from, Barreal is among the most popular destinations, along with Cabo Polonio (Uruguay), Vicuña (Chile), Coonabarabran (Australia) and Borrego Springs (United States).

Located 1,500 meters above sea level and 180 km from the city of San Juan, Calingasta, the town of Barreal has clear skies almost 300 nights a year, optimal conditions to see stars and other night sky phenomena. It’s home to El Leoncito Astronomy Complex (CASLEO) (, which since the early 80s has been dedicated to astronomical research, but also offers night tours and various activities during the day. You can also enjoy the beautiful Andes mountain range, ride through the national park on horseback and practice land sailing, a sport similar to windsurfing but using a board with wheels.

How to get there? You can rent a car, hire a car service or take the bus line El Triunfo.

Where to stay? We recommend the Ecoposada El Mercedario, a large house built in 1928 with traditional decoration, a beautiful restaurant, swimming pool and ample space to enjoy the night sky.





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